Spiritual Wellness (Sanyasa)

Yoga and Aestheticism

The spiritual land of India is reckoned as the birthplace of yoga, where Punarnava is bringing back an age old traditional yogic science for transformation of human beings. Yogic Wellness is based on Yoga, Asana, Pranayama & Mudra. Yoga means to connect Atma with Paramatma. True connection gives you enlightenment, where the first awareness was understood about life, who I am, where I came from & where will I go? Punarnava’s yoga experts use their experience and wisdom to guide guests through a series of yoga postures and cleansing techniques that will help guests to develop spiritual practice feeling revitalized and to promote optimal health of the body longevity.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional classical Indian yoga and emphasis on three main components namely tristhana. It has three places of action and attention namely the breath, the gaze and the posture of the body.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is branch of the yoga deriving its essence from the sanskrit word “hatha” meaning “force” to understand our inner journey and the emphasis is on a system of physical technique. This yoga philosophy is a path of discovery and enlightenment.

Shiva yoga

Lord shiva is the supreme god of yoga; we can see take him to be the symbol of a victorious yogi. Shiva has cosmic consciousness which occurs in many forms. He has the incarnation as the peaceful karma yogi who sacrificed his ego when he came under

Budha yoga

Buddha is awareness. This yoga is more on awareness of human body. Here the effort is to conquer the body. To conquer yourself is better than winning thousand battles.

Yogic Therapy

Like the functionality of smartphone, your health also requires regular recharging that keeps a body in an orderly fashion. Realizing the need of it, healing programs at Punarnava recharges the five natural elements of human body – Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear and Taste. During the Yogic therapy, our team of experts would help you in establishing a direct connection with cosmic energy thus healing the body spiritually for peace, health, and happiness.

Vedic Teaching

Indian Veda & philosophy is the true path of understanding of karma, kriya & kaaran. Veda gives us the awareness about journey of birth to death. Veda teachings at Punarnava gives us a deep understanding on how to spend our life enhancing the true meaning of our birth.

Indian Vedic Teaching

Our four Vedas Yajurveda, Samveda, Arthaveda, Rigveda gives complete information and awareness about the universe. Scientifically Vedas are our lifeline,they teach that experience is projected from the inside to the outside.

Indian Spirituality

At Punarnava, Spiritual lectures and prayers help to establish the spiritual connect with the Divine. The spiritual activities include Vedic Mantra Chanting and discourse on Upanishads, Yoga and Meditation. Besides, Astrology, Palmistry

Indian Yogic Science

Lord Shiva is the father of yogic science. Our saints wrote lots of books on path of wellness about physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of life. With their experience and enlightment, these sacred books teach us

Indian culture & belief

India is a land of tapas, sadhana &self -discovery by many enlightened yogis. They discovered true divine places of self-knowing & awakening. The culture of India is based on spirituality, love & humanity. Our temples and historical


Our body and mind are surrounded with an energy field which is nourished by cosmic energy. This positive energy always helps in the healing of the physical, mental, and spiritual self. Cosmic energy reduces negativity, aids in complete healing, and creates harmony in life.


Yagna means worship and offering. Hindu rituals are performed in front of fire God since ancient times with chanting of Vedic mantras. Special herbal offerings called hawan samagri with pure cow’s ghee are offered to the kindled sacred fire ignited with special intention. Hawan are performed with Brahmins the Hindu priests who performs sacred rites in very diligent way. Enjoy the real flavour of hawan as yantra making and understanding.


Yantra is a mystical auspicious diagram used in Indian religion for meditation,protection and assimilation of powerful positive energies to help focus the mind. Learn about it and take it along with you.



Learn the energy centres that compile the blueprint of a subtle body. Learn to open, activate, and balance your chakras through our masters. These energy vital centres lead us to deeper states of consciousness.