Mental Emotional
Wellness (Mana)

Transformative Meditation
Meditation is like music which creates rhythm in the body, melody in mind and harmony in the soul. Manifestation of this creates a symphony of life that connects an individual with reality. At Punarnava, our meditation program ensures to help you attain the equilibrium between body systems and nature. Since ancient times Asana, Pranayama, Mudra Yoga, Bandha Yoga and Meditation are being practiced by most of us to improve the health and immunity of our life.
Vedic mantra chanting creates cosmic vibrations and positive energy. At Punarnava, our Masterdeep & Healers will help you recharge your senses, thus healing the body spiritually for peace, health and happiness.
Nature Healing
Nature healing is the path of connecting with the silence of nature, feeling the tranquility of trees, leaves and breeze enabling a state of self-awakening and self-introspection. At Punarnava explore lots of spiritually energetic areas where you get peace, love and inner delight.
Astro Healing
The therapist connects with the problem through astrological symbolism. By checking the natal astrological charts and preparing the essences, various health disorders and day to day challenges can be overcome by the preserving and balancing the energy centers within the body. Spiritual Healing is initiated by checking the malefic and low-grade planetary positions targeting specific energy centers and according to that various healing mediums are instituted.
Vibrations and sounds that fabricate desired effects like healing and self-awareness to a human’s body are prayers. Within a healthy and happy human being, these vibrations harmonize with each other, just like an ostentatious cosmic symphony. The distorted vibrations lead to disharmony, resulting in a state of emptiness. Punarnava utilizes its ecosystem’s positive and spiritual vibrations to regain & restore the balance and harmony in your life.