Our Philosphy

Punarnava’s philosophy is to focus on inner peace, silence, self-discovery, wellness, and a harmoniously blissful lifestyle. Embarking upon the journey of Punarnava, our specially designed team of Wellness Masters, Counselors, Healers, and Dieticians have created various Punarnava signature wellness programs to make your holidays absolute blissful. At Punarnava, guests can come and rejuvenate the emotional and spiritual quotient of their lives. Although they have everything-money, power, contacts still they lead dissatisfied and insecure lives. To explore the corners of our inner wellbeing, where our greatest treasures or fears resides, to discover our inner mantle, to invest introspecting at ourselves, and discover our passion and ignore our wellbeing, our lives continue to spiral downwards, we are disconnected, disoriented, and dissatisfied with life, therefore our Wellness Healers, communicate with guests and help them in reviving and rejuvenating their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual peace & wellbeing.

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Healthy life & fitness (Shakti)
At Punarnava, our guests can come and fulfill the emotional blankness in their lives. Although they are having everything-money, power, contacts, but still they are very dissatisfied and insecure about lots of dilemmas in their life. Punarnava Wellness Masters communicate with the guests and help them in improving their mental, physical & holistic, lasting wellness.

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Nature Cure
Nature is symbolic of peace, love & wellness. Punarnava Wellness is based in the lap of nature & mid of a dense forest where chirping birds, sonorous waterfall, natural landscape, wellness cuisine & joyful activities & programs create an absolute holistic environment.

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Indulge in unparalleled comfort and convenience with our extensive amenities. From lavish spas and gourmet dining to pristine pools and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, elevate your stay to extraordinary heights.
Self-realization (Prathana)
The path of self-realization is the base of an absolute wellness. It is the journey of external nature to internal core nature & the conscious mind to the sub-conscious to the super-conscious mind. We become aware & understand as a seeker that our actions and decisions in each moment of life must be in accordance with our deep feelings & realization.

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Peace of Mind (Parmatama)
Punarnava always guides our guests to enjoy each moment in their lives which ultimately results in peace & satisfaction with the soul. We want our guests to benefit from our commitment to transformation, providing a happy & healthy environment for a satisfactory soul, peaceful lifestyle, and a true absolute wellness.