सन्तोषः परमोलाभः सšसपिरूपरमागतिः ।

विचारः परमंज्ञानं शमोहिपरमंसुखम् ।।

“Contentment is the highest gain, Good Company the highest course,
Enquiry the highest wisdom & Peace the highest enjoyment.”

Punarnava, The New Beginning!

Punarnava brings together souls from various parts of the globe who are seeking inner bliss and takes them on a journey of festivities and activities through which they can discover themselves and also contribute in journeying inwards. Punarnava offers bunch of activities that bring back the innocence of childhood, revive the dreams and memories of infancy and youth and reinvigorate the inner self. Activities like Music, Painting, Mythology, Yoga, Veda  Learning, Cooking, Gardening, Poetry, Dancing, learning about life-saving plants, Village Visits , Wellness Teaching & many more awaken wisdom and helps to bring back emotional happiness and contentment.

Awareness of Plants & Plantations

It’s of paramount importance to inculcate a sense of belonging to nature, particularly having reasonable knowledge and awareness about plants and types of trees to lead a healthy and peaceful life. We here at Punarnava understand that plants are vital for our health and longevity, and we aim to educate and instill its value amongst our guests.

Bio-Diversity Farming & Gardening

Punarnava has planted more than 50 thousand of plants to keep biodiversity farming alive. Three types of gardening areas i.e. Navagraha garden, vartika garden and nakshatra garden has been beautifully crafted where we celebrates biodiversity and pledge to each guest who come to Punarnava to co-exist with  all elements of nature and respect every life around us.

Bird Watching & Photography

The whole concept at Punarnava is driven by Nature, The chirping sound of the Birds is a melody to the ears of any nature lover. Several migratory birds from Palearctic and Upper Himalayan regions fly in the nearby jungles during Autumn and Winter. While Monsoon is the best period to spot local species. With beautiful Himalayan Ranges to capturing the nearby wildlife, Punarnava can prove to be any photographer’s paradise.

Cave Meditation & Yoga

Connecting with other selves at a deeper level and aligning the conscious to super conscious through daily meditation practices at Punarnava helps guests to dispel built up anxiety levels & improves focus. Yoga at Punarnava means union of nature to core-nature and energy of five elements with cosmic energy. Such meditation & yoga techniques are adapted from the ancient Himalayan caves meditation.

Prayer & Pooja

At Punarnava, we perform pooja, yagna & Yagya with sacred ritual to create an atmosphere of love and light. Special herbal offerings called hawan samagri with pure cow’s ghee are offered to the kindled sacred fire in a diligent way. The power of these prayers, pooja & mystical Yagya becomes a reason for the celebration of inner consciousness.

Writing & Reading

Writing and reading goes hand in hand with developing your communication skills, here at Punarnava we provide you with a feature of improving your linguistic skills ,broaden your vocabulary and develop the confidence of talking accurately and effectively with others.

Village Visit

Explore the nearby villages and spend time with the local villagers while exploring local cultures and traditions. This can create a lifetime memory and reconnects us with village lifestyle, tradition, and rich culture. It also helps the local villagers to send the true message of “अतिथिदेवोभव” “(Atithi Devo Bhava)” meaning “The guest is equivalent to God’ and guest can share the experience of their local stay with their friends and families.

Nature Walk & Trekking

If you are coming from a busy city life, then going for a Nature walk will seem like Eternal Bliss. As such walks have not only proved healthy, but they also have a healing effect on us. A trek amidst the flora and fauna around Punarnava can make you perceive life in a whole different way. While there is so much to know and so much to see across the world, Punarnava is one such place that will make a benchmark in your memory lane.


Painting is a great way to unwind yourself and can be very relaxing and therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the images at hand and on nothing else. This focus toward one central topic relieves stress on the mind, and in turn relaxes the body. This relaxation minimizes muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and other physical ailments.

River Visit

The creek runs through the estate and joins the river in the forest area. Walk down the jungle path to the river side which is nearby the property.  Be engulfed with the fresh air by the river side which has a cooling and relaxing effect. It has a calming effect on the mind. Sit by the riverside and spend time meditating or just taking in the sounds of the forest and water flowing through the river.

Holy Visit

Renowned as ‘Devbhumi’, Uttarakhand (A land of the Gods), this region is blessed with natural beauty, divinity, and spiritual vibrations. To fuel your spiritual awakening, there are several temples with their own significance where visitors from across the world visit to offer their prayers. Some of the temples within the boundaries of Dehradun are Lord Shiva temple Tapkeshwar, Buddha temple, Dattavali Goddess temple, Mind Rolling Monastery, Om- kareshwar temple, and Sai Baba Temple.

Ganga Aarti

The Ganga Aarti happens every evening on the banks of the Ganges River in Haridwar and Rishikesh. If you plan on attending the aarti, you need to inform us prior so that we could make proper arrangements for your visit. Rishikesh is much closer to Dehradun which may take almost 45 minutes to reach while if you are planning to visit Haridwar you may have to consider 1.5 hours route time before reaching the place.

Cooking & Eating

Cooking is a very focusing and beautiful journey of meditation, it is a path of de-stress and enjoyment. It gives us knowledge of complete diet and nutrition. While Cooking Food can be a serious task for most people due to their busy schedules or other reasons. One can participate in cooking on several occasions at the Kitchens of Punarnava. We shall not only teach you how to cook but will also inform you about the nutritional benefits of the food you cook with us. We assure you cooking will never be the same for you once you go back home.

Singing & Dancing

Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit. It is a great stress reliever and elates one’s mood.  It is a wonderful way to let go off yourself and give in to the soothing music.  Dancing makes one feel happy and reduces levels of cortisol- a stress hormone.