About Us

Always keeping the mind balanced, the yogi, with his mind-controlled Attains the peace abiding in Me, which culminates in total liberation
About Punarnava
The Punarnava Resort is nestled in the scintillating sublime region of Uttarakhand Himalayas in Northern India and exhibits harmonic coexistence with nature. Renowned as ‘Devbhumi’, Uttarakhand (A land of the Gods), this region is blessed with natural beauty, divinity, and spiritual vibrations.
We welcome you at this unique luxurious wellness destination aesthetically parked in the dense forest of Mussoorie with a spectacular & stunning George Everest Mountain View. Imbibe the holistic Lifestyle experience in this awe-inspiring existential nature of mystical divinity. Rejoice in the transformation of inner rejuvenation and inner awakening.
Our Story
With his infinite quest as an intense seeker Acharya Ashish Semwal embarked upon the journey of absolute truth and became enlightened at the age of 22. He wanted people to be as joyful as the birds singing in the morning, as colorful as flowers, as free as the bird on the wing with no limits, only love to say absolute yes to nature & existence.
Acharya ji always discovered silent places for meditation. One day, by the blessings of god, he eventually visited village Bhtarli nestled near Mussoorie amidst dense forests of Himalayas. He realized that the land where he is meditating, is full of deep silence & spiritual vibrations. The natural tranquility of land was sound of sonorous burble of water amidst deep and divine forest land. He saw that all the wildlife animals like Deer, Kakkars (Barking Deer) and Birds like Peacock, Quail & Monal seems to be friendly in this beautiful deep forest.

He was delighted after seeing an old cottage and a walking track made using local materials in an eco-friendly way based on authentic vastu shastra. He asked the elders of the local villagers about this heritage. Villagers narrated Acharya ji that “In 1940s, during British rule in India, a British scholar discovered this tranquil place. Villagers locally called him “firangi Baba” who started regularly spending his time on this land amongst verdant nature for yoga, meditation, self-discovery and spiritual healing.


After spending few months, Acharya ji realized the purity of the land. One of the holistic friend, name, Abhijit Verma came to Acharya ji for healing & wellbeing. He shared the story of his life, narrated that after completing his masters from NU California, he started his corporate career and rose the ladder pretty fast to achieve good position and money. One day, as he felt unwell, he went to the doctor and came to know that only 10% of his heart was functioning, addressing the causative reasons as high stress levels, mental and emotional disharmony with a spiritually unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, this corporate rat race had a cost him his wellbeing, but Luckily, he got a successful heart transplant done on time at Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan from Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai. After knowing regarding this painful story, Acharya Ashish started mantra chanting & astro-healings for wellbeing of his health. By god’s blessings, now Abhijit is fit & healthy.


The pure vibrations of the land & the calmness of the environment connected Acharya Ashish ji to make an absolute wellness resort at this place. The philosophy of Acharya ji is to universally spread across a message about the importance of mental & emotional wellbeing to attain good physical health & family harmony. In short Punarnava Wellness offers alignment of mental, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing in a Natural & Holistic way.

Wonderful Enviroment
During summers, enjoy the forest whispering with the cool breeze caressing your body. See the splendor of the new leaves on trees and the fresh beauty of nature at its full bloom.
During rains delight in the chirping of rare birds, relish the juicy seasonal fruits in the alluring landscape of a natural waterfall. During winters bask in the warmth of sunlight surrounded by life -saving herbs, savoring crisp, hot & bio-dynamic food served around a bonfire. During spring enjoy the blooming of natural wildflowers celebrating the BasantMahotsav in its full glory.