Library (Gyaan)

The Library at Punarnava is a knowledge powerhouse in itself which is built at an average size of 3000 square feet , which  is a delight to all those who love to spend time reading, studying, and soaking in knowledge. From around the world the Library consists of over 1000 books, while you spend time reading and thinking, the library also offers extreme comfort where once can ponder and even fall asleep.

Healing Lounge (Moksha)

Punarnava vastu based lounge connects you with your inner silence where you can self-introspect and get all the answers to your dilemmas. It is an ideal place for peace and tranquility, designed with natural aesthetics & simplicity.

Meditation Hall (Samadhi)

Our Vaastu based Octagon shaped pyramid meditation hall covering 3100 square feet is built upon an Aquarium covered with transparent glass flooring. This has been designed keeping in mind the most spiritual and ideal ambience for meditation. It is scientifically designed in a manner to mimic the rishis & munis use of Vaastu to enhance their spiritual quest. Know more

Spa Room (Panchtatva)

A complete holistic Spa journey offering together the traditions and techniques of universal wellbeing practices and spa rituals founded on the timeless traditions of Ayurveda and Yoga Life Sciences. Punarnava spa rooms are adapted from the ancient panchakarma room design and consist of various Ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapies customized ayurveda wellness packages as per indication or client requirement. Traditional Therapies, Western and Oriental Spa Therapies, Naturopathy Therapy, Beauty therapy, Yoga and Meditation, Personal Fitness Training and Wellness Activities – Laughing Yoga , Kids Yoga, Nature Walk, Reflex walk, Lectures on Health and Wellness & Spiritual Discourses.
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Swimming Pool (Kumbh)

A state of the art, temperature-controlled pool set amidst natural surroundings. Various activities such as Yogic Exercises, Wellness through Jacuzzi, Rainbow Light Healing, Sunbathing and Exercises to relieve muscular pain are part of the therapeutic process.

Amphitheatre (Utsav)

The Punarnava Utsav is set amidst a scenic background that spreads over 11000 square feet. All programs are curated specially to bring you peace, love, knowledge, awakening and celebration. Indian classical cultural plays and dramas connect our guests with the richness of the Indian culture.  Musical & Spiritual programs such as nanda raj jat, ma ganga avatran, shiv tandav, lectures on Vedas &Upanishads (Satsang) imparts knowledge of Indian Spirituality. Our guests are bound to experience different genre of International Musicals and take-home treasured memories from Punarnava Utsav.

Yagya shala (Ahuti)

Built on 2100 square feet area, this is the holy place for mantra chanting along with “Vedic Yagya”. Where people can pray, attain mental peace and knowledge about the spiritual journey of life.

Punarnava Garden (Srinagar)

Punarnava garden possesses a multitude of medicinal herbs like Aloe Vera, Amla, Elaichi, Tejpatta, Long, Dal-Chini, variety of vegetables like Garlic, Onion, Potato, Tomato, Mint, etc are cultivated and Numerous fruit plants like Lemon, Kiwi, Guava and Mango can be seen growing with forest trees.

Banquet (Milan)
Vedic Vivah/Bandhan

Built on 10,000 square feet Area, this is a place for tying the knot in holy matrimony and receiving blessings in the lap of nature with the divine. This is a perfect place for celebrating the auspicious occasion of marriage “Bandhan”- a sign of prosperity, Love & Celebration. It comprises of a theatre holding a capacity for 400, cluster of 250 capacity, classroom of 175 capacity and a board room of 80 capacity of people.