Destination Weddings

The Punarnava Resort is a place surrounded by lush green mountains and riverbeds where nature plays its rhyme. The serene atmosphere of Punarnava gives peace, tranquility & privacy which makes it an ideal place for Corporate events, wellness programs and destination weddings. Built on 10,000 square feet Area, this is a place for tying the knot in holy matrimony and receiving blessings in the lap of nature with the divine. This is a perfect place for celebrating the auspicious occasion of marriage “Bandhan”- a sign of devotion, commitment & celebration. It comprises of a theatre holding a capacity for 400, cluster of 250 capacity, classroom of 175 capacity and a board room of 80 capacity of people.

Punarnava, a new wedding destination built to fulfill dreams of all where nature surrounds you like it’s your own forest kingdom- combination of flora & fauna- mehndi, music & dance creating a lifetime experience and a magical moment to re-discover & re-define yourselves. Punarnava welcomes you to cleanse your souls and  get yourself married in this divine forest in the lapse of luxury leading the moment of rejoice, rejuvenate and reset.

Corporate Events

Surrounded by lush green forest and sprawling mountain ranges that instills a feeling of tranquility and serenity, The Punarnava Resort is a perfect destination for aligning the body, mind, and soul. The Corporate hall at the resort is built overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges of Mussoorie. This sets the perfect tone for all the corporate events & meetings and keeps participants refreshed and motivated during the event.

Corporate conferences and meetings are often tedious affairs that can be mentally exhausting. Conducting such events in this spiritually charged place surrounded with lush green mountains, natural valleys, and breathtaking views brings down the stress levels and relaxes the participants.
The Punarnava’s commitment of peace, purity, and perfection to our guests, strive to maintain our high standards by closely coordinating and understanding your needs and then meticulously planning everything about your event, down to the minutest of details.

Punarnava Utsav

Punarnava Utsav means enlightenment through delightment. Our guests can sing and dance freely. Family, friends enjoy every moment of Punarnava Utsav programs. We welcome you to enjoy various performances of dance, drama, folk-plays, spiritual talks, etc to rejuvenate the senses. All programs based on Indian culture and heritage, enrich your soul. Experience programs like Dhol dhamol, Nanda Raja, Ganga Avtaran, Shiva Tandav, etc that will leave you spellbound, mesmerized, and asking for more. That’s what Punarnava Utsav is all about.